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At Hustle our members become part of our team that train in small groups to maximise everyones performance and efforts in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

We focus on Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) sessions that are tailored to each individual within the group. The sessions are tough but we all work together to achieve exceptional results!

We understand that everyone has different goals and that we all do not train at the same level so our carefully designed sessions are tailored for each member in the group, thus maximising everyones results all within a fun and enjoyable atmosphere!


Small Group Personal Training in a professional private gym coached by our expert staff members to help tailor a plan to suit your goals. YOU can choose the sessions each week that suit you and your time schedule.


Daniel Harvey

I'm a novice when it comes to fitness and often find I slip in and out of exercise habits as gyms - and in particular their staff - don't grasp my goals or my training needs. This is not the case at Hustle, where the staff are friendly, available and go a long way out of their way to understand and assist. Have been coming here for much longer than I lasted anywhere else and feel fitter and healthier for it. Great space and plenty of equipment to keep varied and avoid boredom. Definitely recommend.

Rebecca Donaldson

If I could give this gym more than 5 stars I would! I have been going since Sept 22 and from the first time I stepped through the doors I have felt welcomed and comfortable. I am consistently blown away by the level of knowledge and expertise of the coaches. They’re all approachable and keen to work with me to achieve my particular goals, frequently checking in, to ensure I am on track and to see if there is anything that needs adapted on my individual fitness programme. The atmosphere is upbeat and everyone is friendly, you aren’t just a number, you’re a member of the team and made to feel valued. Would 100% recommend!

Danny Worsell

since joining Hustle my training has been at an all time high. The programs and wealth of experience the team provide get the best out of you every session. The small group environment has been excellent in building a community of like minded people and creates a great atmosphere every session. The programming keeps your training from ever becoming stale and you have a wealth of knowledge from Daniel in regards to nutrition plans and goal management. I’ve comfortably added personal bests to every compound lift and feel the strongest I’ve ever been! If you want to get results and have a great time striving towards them, give hustle a go, you’ll not regret it!

The service for all members includes the following


We will sit down with every member to discuss your goals and what you want to achieve and then tailor a plan suitable for you!


Our team will assess every member’s current level of muscle, fat and this will assessed every 6 weeks to check progress and reassess our goals.


Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is a more affordable way to get personal tailored sessions coached by our team to help you achieve the best possible results. Working in a small group will help encourage everyone to train that little bit harder as we are all in this together.


We have a fully qualified nutritionists within our team to help members with their diet to fuel them throughout the week both on training and rest days. The team will help keep meal times fresh and enjoyable yet within their macro requirements.


Training with others has huge benefits as we drive each other forward to help everyone achieve their goals. Working in a small group has huge benefits for everyone involved.


We have a members forum that enables all members to get instant access to our team which can offer advice at any time along with access to many different nutritional and training tips helping to keep everyone involved and aware of what is available at Hustle Fitness. We also do all the planning and session programming so you just have to show up and get stuck in!


These classes are a cardio based workout aimed to boost your cardiovascular performance and based on higher intensity workouts. These include SWEAT, UPPERS and LOWERS classes! A great addition to your personal training sessions